One of our company’s leading activity is software testing, in which we have built up a team with outstanding professional background over the years.

Why is software testing a necessity?

Nowadays, software systems has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives, so their correct operation is substantial.

A system that operates inaccurately can cause several problems: large loss of money and time, loss of our company’s reputation, furthermore, personal injuries or in extreme cases, even death.

By working with an independent software testing company (even as early as the beginning of the development process) unnecessary expense can be spared. For example, we save the wage cost of newly hired people, since money neither has to be spent on educating the work force in testing nor on the testing equipment necessary.

The risk of problems emerging can be minimized by system and documentation testing, as a result the quality of our software system is raised, too.

Moreover, software testing is needed when the product needs to meet industrial standards or legal regulations.

Our company can be of service to you with highly qualified test engineers in these issues.

  • Commitment to qualityquality – special attention is paid to the quality of tests executed by our employees. Each test carried out by our company has to undergo our own multi-stage quality control process before the results would be evaluated. This way we try to provide the customer with the highest quality software possible.
  • Independence – Based on our experience, the presence of a third-party participant, who can take a different approach towards issues, is essential in high-quality software development during the development phase. We attempt to explore the problems by professional tools and experts, focusing only on the task, which usually slips the attention of other IT teams due the continuous rote and repetition in their work.
  • Experience – Our company maintains decade-long relationships with its partners, during which time we accompanied the lifecycle of many software. Our team members’ knowledge is developed with ongoing trainings.

Our company provides software tests mainly in industrial and commercial areas; these two areas have to be separated as far as testing is concerned, since they have various requirements in different fields to fulfill; the testing methods also have to be selected accordingly. In general, the following services are provided for our customers:

  • Testing Consultation: Developing testing methodology, selection and introduction of tools to improve software quality
  • Testing Project Management: test management, coordination and quality assurance
  • Designing Tests: defining test strategy, requirement analysis, test planning
  • Execution of Tests: analysis of document and source codes, execution of tests manually or in an automated way based on the test specifications; suggestions to improve the quality of the software based on the evaluation of the results
  • Full implementation of the testing projects
  • White box / black box testing
  • Execution of safety critical software tests based on our experience gained in the field of railways.