Our company is present in the field of information technology, in which we would like to stay a recognized company in the future as well. It’s the task of our staff and subcontractors to contribute to the success of PentaLab Ltd. by continuously improving the efficiency of our operation. Thus gaining the satisfaction of our employees, customers, partners and the society we live in. The concept of “quality” in our terms doesn’t only mean the quality of service, but quality work that permeates the company’s philosophy of management at every level, by which we have gained and maintain our reputation in this field. In order to do so:

  • The quality of our services are being improved continuously by applying the most advanced methods and technology in accordance with customers’ demands, domestic regulations and EU standards.
  • In the advancement and operation of our various process existing laws and regulations are applied. We maintain a quality management system (ISO 9001:2009) certified by an independent party.
  • By thinking in long-term relationships, we strive to do only mutually beneficial business with our subcontractors and customers.
  • We build on the opinions and suggestions made by our employees, customers and subcontractors, as a contribution to the continuous development of our services.
  • For quality work to be done, the management provides the resources necessary-quality tools work environment.
  • We pay increased attention to the training of our staff in professional areas, quality management, as well as, personality development.
  • We maintain an advanced technological system in our organization thus promoting the rapid and efficient work and use of time.
  • Our quality management system is described in the Quality Management Manual document, the quality manager – a specific individual within the board – is responsible for the compliance and operational validation of the information contained therein.
  • The market strategy of our company is continuously adapted to the current trends, if they are in accordance with the universal human values. This way, we intend to increase our customers' satisfaction.
  • Our company periodically revises its quality system, policy and objectives during regular management reviews.
We believe that our quality policy can only be achieved with the full involvement of our employees and subcontractors, therefore, we ensure that they are acquainted with the document, this way the stated principles are being probated in our daily work.